Kellie Leigh, Science for Wildlife

Kellie Leigh

Linda Sparrow, President of Bangalow Koalas

Linda Sparrow

Katrina Jeffreys - Private Landholder

Katrina Jeffery

Linda and David Kellalea stand in a field with arms around each other on sunny day

Linda & David Kellalea

Scott Hetherington and Marama Hopkins smiling and standing in front of a koala zone street sign

Scott Hetherington & Marama Hopkins

Christeen and Paul McLeod standing look to camera as Christeen nurses a koala joey on a towel in her arms

Christeen & Paul McLeod

Charlotte Stahl standing on a rock in the bush in front of a forest scenic view on a sunny day

Charlotte Stahl

Joe Stammers standing in the bush on a cloudy day with hands in his jacket pockets

Joe Stammers

James Fitzgerald holding a bunch of leaves in front of a scenic bush view on a sunny day

James Fitzgerald

National Parks and Wildlife ranger Martin Smith crouches over and holds a new tree planting

Martin Smith