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Learn more about why koalas are so special!

Do you have a school project about koalas? Or are you just curious to find out more about what makes the cute and cuddly koala so unique? Scroll down to learn more about koalas, NSW Koala Country and what you can do to help koalas in New South Wales. If you are doing a school project, you can even send us an email and we will do our best to help.

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Fast facts about koalas

Did you know that koalas…

Have two thumbs on each front paw?

That’s right, it helps with climbing.

Have unique fingerprints?

They are the only animal that is not a primate to have unique fingerprints.

Are marsupials?

What’s more, their closest relative is the wombat.

Sleep over 18 hours a day?

They’ve been known to sleep for up to 18-20 hours every day.

Eat well over 250 grams of leaves each day?

Many koalas eat between 250-500 grams of leaves each day.

Name originates from a Dharug word?

The name koala comes from a Dharug word meaning ‘no water’.

Are threatened in New South Wales and need our help?

Studies estimate a 26% decline in koala numbers over the past 20 years.

Download the NSW Koala Country fact sheet

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Download fact sheet

Check out these great koala stories

Mother koala clings to a tree with baby koala holding her and sitting in her lap

Chloe the Koala

Penny the koala detection dog has mouth open and wet ears while wearing a detection dog collar and vest

Penny the dog

Download a koala colouring page

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Download colouring page
More threatened species colouring pages are available on the Saving our Species website.

Watch the NSW Koala Country video

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Do you have a question that needs answering?

Do you have a school project on koalas and need some information? Or are you a teacher who wants to plan a lesson for your class?

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