I Spy Koala app

I Spy Koala is a citizen science app that allows anyone in NSW to record sightings of koalas in the wild. Recording koala sightings is crucial to helping better understand and protect this vulnerable species.

There are gaps in our knowledge about koala populations and numbers. Koalas can be difficult to spot high up in trees, and many of them live in remote locations and are not easily found. The data collected from I Spy Koala informs environmental managers, land managers and the community about koala distribution, and assists long-term conservation strategies to secure healthy koala populations in the wild. Better information about koalas leads to better koala conservation and better planning decisions.

App users can enter information about the location and condition of the koala, as well as photos and other important information.

Data from the app can be accessed through the interactive NSW Government Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data (SEED) portal. It was developed for the NSW community in a collaborative effort between government agencies to provide an accessible and reliable platform for environmental data.

You can download the I Spy Koala app for free on Apple or Google App stores.

Important: If you see an injured koala, please call your local wildlife rehabilitation group for help.


The I Spy Koala app enables the community to record koala observation and survey data, which flows directly into BioNet, helping planning and decision making for koala conservation.