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Key koala habitat secured for Port Macquarie

December 17, 2021

194 hectares of prime koala habitat has been purchased adjacent to the Lake Innes Nature Reserve, south-west of Port Macquarie.

The purchase is funded as a joint initiative and only possible through the generous contribution of $3.5 million from Koala Conservation Australia (KCA) as well as from the NSW Government’s landmark $193 million dollar investment in koala conservation.

Port Macquarie Koala. Credit: David Finnegan/DPIE
Koalas in Care - Christeen and Paul McLeod
Family planting a koala feed tree seedling
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Koalas are uniquely Australian. They are one of our most loved and iconic animals and people come from all over the world to see them.


In New South Wales, our koalas are special – but they are also under threat. Habitat loss, urban expansion, bush fires, car strikes, dog attacks and disease are all serious threats facing our koalas.

Koalas in New South Wales are also some of the most genetically diverse in the country. They may be critical to the future survival of the species.

While they can be hard to find, there may be around 20,000 to 30,000 wild koalas still living in New South Wales.

High up in the treetops. In coastal forests. In the Northern Rivers region. Along the tablelands and plains west of the Great Divide. Through the Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands. Among the suburban fringes of Sydney. This is NSW Koala Country.

Koalas and NSW Koala Country need our help.

See the map and links below to learn more about koalas, NSW Koala Country and what you can do to help protect koalas.


NSW Koala Country

Koalas have been found across many areas in the eastern half of New South Wales – this is NSW Koala Country.

You can see the extent of NSW Koala Country on the map below.

Buttons on the map link to stories of dedicated people working to conserve koalas for future generations.

A coloured map of NSW Koala Country regions
Scott Hetherington – Tweed Shire Council
Andy Baker – Fire and vegetation ecologist
Linda and David Kellalea – Landholders
Marley Christian – Volunteer Rescue Coordinator and Carer for ‘Triumph’
Chloe the Koala (Gunnedah)
Lynn Baker and Penny the koala dog
Martin Smith – Ranger
Margret Meagher – Founder
Cheyne Flanagan – Koala hospital director
Christeen and Paul McLeod – Koala Rehabilitators
Emma Nicholls – Volunteer leader and koala surveyor
Penny Walsh – Wildlife rescuer and carer
Joe Stammers – Environmental Projects Officer
Charlotte Stahl – Habitat conservationist
Jessie Au – Researcher
James Fitzgerald – Koala conservationist

Find organisations protecting koalas


People and stories

Read about the people helping to protect koalas and NSW Koala Country

Nathan Brennan

Jan McGilchrist

Julie Reid at the gate of her property

Julie Reid

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koalas have been rescued since 2000


of rescued koalas were released back into the wild


the estimated decline of the New South Wales koala population in the last two decades