Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan

By October 9, 2020October 14th, 2020News, NSW Government, Project news

South Western Sydney has the largest koala population in the Sydney metropolitan area and is home to one of the healthiest koala populations in NSW. The NSW Government recognises the importance of koalas to the local community in Western Sydney.

The Plan’s conservation program for koalas will establish the Georges River Koala Reserve, protecting up to 1,885 hectares of koala habitat. This includes the opportunity to restore up to 200 hectares of koala habitat within the reserve. 100,000 new trees will be planted in the first three years of the Plan to enhance the connectivity of fragmented koala habitat both within and outside the reserve.

The NSW Government has also committed to install 120 km of koala exclusion fencing between koala habitat and the urban interface, including new residential areas, motorways and state roads. The Plan also proposes to invest in the NSW Koala Strategy to research, monitor and support koala health and welfare in partnership with the local community in South Western Sydney.

Further information is provided in the Fact sheet on protecting koalas on the Cumberland Plain or the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan website.

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